The Management and New alignment

Planet Systems' management team is a blend of long experienced IT and business professionals with advanced qualifications, reputable experience, and complementary skills.

Both the Board of Directors and a senior management are passionate about IT driven systems, Supply Chain and Logistics, Project/Contract Management, Logistics and Training services.

The Board
Planet Systems' board is nominated by an independent committee of local and international leaders of high repute. The board comprises of experienced technical and non-technical experts, women and governance advisors.

Planet Systems' management comprises of sesoned entrepreneurs, innovators and systems development experts from a variety of fields. The structural makeup is flexible with the lead CEO who is also a systems architect and experienced consultant in public and private sector work. The other managers are for business development, systems engineering, training and advisory and financial/project services.

Technical Teams
Planet Systems has core technical teams for the following areas

  • Startegy and digital organizational design
  • Systems engineering and industrial enterprises
  • Mobile and internet systems development
  • Human Resource and outsourcing
  • Data science, media and analytics management