Process and Performance Management


Planet Systems is a modern Knowledge Management (KM) and Information Technology (IT) products and services company with a focus on performance and supply chain systems. Our products and services are designed to unify businesses and ensure easy management of projects; markets; materials; financials; human resource; processes and ideas.

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Our vision is to be a world reference point for excellence in process automation, policy simplification and online performance management solutions for public and private organizations.


To provide quality enterprise faculty arrangement and resource management solutions for all sizes of organizations.


  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Teamwork and networking
  • Resilient relationships
  • Excellence

Our Way of Success

Planet Systems views are non-conventional. We believe that growth comes from being:

  • Disruptive Technology
    That change comes from anywhere
  • Insurgent Products
    Non-industry members can lead
  • Creative workforce matter most
    New product development is endless
  • Staying nimble
    We can fit anywhere

In line with Darwin's philosophy of survival and fitness, we always act with:

  • No history (big name references)
  • No fixed location or single owner
  • No reservations about the future
  • No machinery and HR ownership

As such, we keep growing because we are:

  • Resilient
  • Trusted
  • Profitable
  • Ever present
  • Digitally available